itsystems at «Microsoft Praxistag für die öffentliche Hand» Kursaal Bern – January 25

Bundeshaus Bern event Praxistag 2017

On January 25 the «Microsoft Praxistag für die öffentliche Hand» will take place at the Kursaal in Bern. Representatives of the public authorities as well as industry representatives will give talks about the actual but intangible topic «digitization».

How much influence will digitization have on our democratic process, the way organisations in the public sector work, or how a workplace is supposed to be  organised and equipped? For all these questions, and for many more, we can offer solutions, ideas, inspirations. In particular we can offer you the direct exchange between colleagues.

Key of this event are the latest, practice-oriented solution approaches. Daniel Schweizer from the Parliament's secretariat will present the Parliament's new web presence in his talk E-Democracy – the transparent parliament. Together with the Parliament's secretary we have realised this project.